First Post of many to come (apparently)



Well, this is the first post, I suppose. I haven't written any previously because I have rampant ADHD meaning i have used a combination of executive dysfunction and procrastination to successfully put off writing the first post for over 6 years now.

But Anna (Wifeboss) has somehow convinced me that as the world evolves, so must grumpy old larp makers and their use of technology. At some point, I may write things along the lines of history or the weird shenanigans that occur in the workshop, but for today, we will keep it short.
In previous years we have always done a Winter sale, but in all honesty its absolutely exhausting and stress full to take hundreds of photo's and upload individual items, never mind when some things inevitably go the way Dinosaur and completely cock things up (aka dan clicked a wrong button)
So, for everyone's sanity, we have decided to try and do something a little different.

Bargain Bin

We have now added a permanent page called Bargain Bin, From time to time we will go through our stock and pull out those items that have either been with us a little too long, or have some slight blemishes from being dragged to dozens of events and displayed. 

These items are all perfectly fine, just we need the space. 

This way its just a but easier for us to break it up into smaller chunks all year round. 

We hope you like it, and hopefully i haven't bored you too much with waffling.

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and we wish you all a happy new year from the entire Gnosis Family and we can't wait to see you in 2023 :D