About Us

In the beginning there was gaffa tape weapons and darkness. Cardboard Armour and cloaks made from curtains. 

From the chaos rose the Technomancer; filled with vitriol and spite; who from the 4 corners of existence, summoned artisans of great skill to do his bidding. Things however did not go as planned and instead he actually got an odd bunch of goblins with an obsession for hats and heavy metal.

The goblins; although at first appearing to resemble hyperactive children with a sugar addiction; showed no skill whatsoever at forging magical weapons or armour.

They did however appear to be rather good with leather, foam and latex.

Looking upon his minions, the technomancer raised his fists to the sky and cried 'sod it - i lost the receipt and now cannot send them back' and thus Gnosis Studios was born. 

(Note from the Technomancer)

Collectively the goblins are keen players with over 4 decades of game participation over numerous systems and experiences. They are keen to bring you the best possible products, at the best prices. 

We specialize in both latex weapons and leather goods. Having a keen passion for quality means we have an over enthusiastic urge to tinker, making our products better every day.  

We aim to provide the best possible customer service experience (usually at the end of a whip if they misbehave), hope you enjoy both the products that we make and the whole 'Goblin' experience. 

We thank you humbly for visiting us

Remember do not feed the denizens.

Many Thanks

The Technomancer